Recap: DeFi Week of May 18 🦄

Hello Defiers! Hope you’re having a good weekend! And a long one if you’re in the US, like me :) Summing up the past week: Bitcoin holders are increasingly tokenizing their coins to use them on Ethereum. While the amount of wBTC surged by 5x in one day, tBTC had a false start and was paused shortly after launching because of a bug in the code. Rising gas fees continued to be a common gripe among Ethereum users. Lots of protocol upgrades and launches, with Uniswap releasing its long awaited V2, Argent including more DeFi integration, Gnosis releasing a desktop app and a way to interact directly with Ethereum smart contracts, and IdleFinance upgrading to give users more control over investments. This week’s interview was with the Winklevoss twins:

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