Eth2 chain is already among largest PoS chains. Also, Yearn and Pickle merge after $20M attack.
Mona El Isa discusses how Ethereum is slashing the time and cost of asset management and reveals what's coming up on Melon's v2.
Hello Defiers! Hope you’re having a great weekend. Summing up: In the past several days DeFi has been hit with one flash-loan driven attack after anoth…
Also, IntoTheBlock analyzes the on-chain impact of ending UNI rewards.
Also, Aave's government proposals, DeFi Pulse index Meta Governance, and a new non-USD based stablecoin.
and now holders can opt to extend the program. Also, DeFi protocols have lost ~$16M in flash loan attacks.
And Illia Polosukhin, Near Protocol co-founder says "it's totally possible." Martinelli is bullish on Ethereum even as he believes DeFi will also thriv…
Hello Defiers! Hope you’re having a great weekend. Summing up: It was a bullish week for crypto with DeFi “blue-chips” leading the rally. Not even an I…
From liquidity mining to interest-gaining tokens, non-fungible tokens are increasingly integrating with decentralized finance, shows DappRadar report
Also, Shanghai blockchain week recap, LiquidStake USDC loans for staked ETH, PieDAO's DeFi++ index
Also, the DeFi token "blue wave" sweeping over losses, Hegic interest soars on Yearn partnerships.
FTX co-founder Bankman-Fried and Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko talk about the future of decentralized finance on The Defiant podcast.