DeFi Alpha Call #24 Recap

Market Overview, NFT Roundup & Tutorials

Hello Defiers! This is a recap of our latest DeFi Alpha Call that took place on 24/11/2022 in Discord.

The recording quality is not the best due to Discord's technical limitations. Discord Nitro was not enough but we are working on it! To improve today’s experience, we are adding subtitles.

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Market Overview

  • No change from last week. Still waiting for a decision. When the range breaks, we should see a bigger move in either direction. On the upside, it would probably target around 1,450 to 1,500. And on the downside, if the range breaks down again, the next likely target would be 1,100.

  • The market is balanced and just waiting for the next catalyst. Since we're closer to the top of the range, I'd say it looks a little bit better for bulls right now.

  • Next Wednesday is the Fed meeting, and as of today, there is a 96% chance that rates will go up by 75 basis points.

  • The dollar is still strong and we need to see a sustained reversal.

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