DeFi Alpha Call #20 Recap

Market Recap, NFT Roundup & Tutorial


Hello Defiers! This is the recap of our latest DeFi Alpha Call that took place on 9/26/2022 in Discord.

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Market Overview

We're reaching the end of the September Swoon. The next meeting of the Fed will be on November 2 and we have US midterm elections coming up, so it’s possible that October will be a good month for risk assets.

Macroeconomic conditions 

We're in uncharted territory with the Euro at $0.96 and a runaway dollar, thanks to the Fed. From my point of view, the dollar is way overstretched. It’s on an unsustainable path and the effects are being felt all around the world.

  • S&P tested its June low.

  • Even though the dollar is rallying and the stock markets are going down, crypto is holding up surprisingly well. 

An early sign of a change in trend and sentiment?

  • Despite the fact that we've crashed and been oversold for a while, price is holding up and we might start to go up from here.

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